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My Holidays



The first day of the holidays I had my friend’s party, first we went to bojangles for tea then I stayed at her house for a sleepover. On the Tuesday I went to Geelong to see my cousins. In Geelong we went to see turbo at the movies and we also went to Torquay. Then on Saturday we left Geelong and went home. Saturday I went to Sarah’s party, it was really fun. On the Monday my other cousins came down from Shepparton. Then on the Wednesday I went to the movies to see planes. For the rest of the week I did nothing much.

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what is a tableaux? a position you freeze in before or after your act

what is exaggeration? when you make everything worse than it sounds

what is four things actors exaggerate? excitment, anger, happiness and sadness

you had to make a T.V ad in your group:

  • what product did you advertise? ad free T.V.
  • what was your catch phrase? ad free teee veee.
  • what did you exaggerate? when the ads came on they all got bored.
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smartie statistics



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the neatral stance is wear you stand still, feet hips and you have a blank expresion on your face.

because its one of the main props and without it there wont be a show

i enjoyed it because i got to be annoying to paris

i didnt really find anything challange

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This thursday my brother Liam is going to do the dawn sevice with the scouts and im going to practice my cake decorating for the warrnambool show. I hope that i win this year.

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my report


i was happy with my report and i thought that i did well.


i would like to imporve in science, maths and french and music


i did well in maths, english, sose, P.E, food and ilearn


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During the week I play lots of sports on Monday nights I do Triathlon Club,  on  Tuesday I do Table Tennis, on Wednesday night I do Tennis, on Thursday night I  do Netball training, on Friday night I do Badminton  and on Sunday I play Netball for North Warrnambool Eagles.


My favourite subjects at school are food tech, PE and French. At the athletics I competed in the Javelin, Discus, Long Jump and I was going to compete in the 100m relay but the other team got there first.

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